The Republicans of the 28th District of Arizona

Current Events

LD-28 at the State Capitol

This event allowed PCs in attendance to follow the legislative steps and to participate in the debate process of a bill on the Senate floor.

Everyone at the event expressed their appreciation for the “road trip” and are looking forward to the second amendment event for the month of April.

The election results from the GOP County Meeting held January 14, 2017

Chairman – Chris Herring

First Vice Chairman – Aaron Flannery

Second Vice Chairman – Yvonne Cahill

Secretary – Cindy Casaus

Treasurer – Sheila Muehling

The election results from the GOP State Meeting held January 28, 2017

Chairman – Jonathan Lines

Secretary – Gabriela Mercer

Treasurer – Robert Lettieri.

Three members elected at-large to serve on the state party’s executive committee for the congressional districts within LD-28

Liz Alcorn
Jose Borrajero
Ren Ramsey

Raphael Ahmed
Jeff Fleetham
Lorraine Pellegrino

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“The first duty of the government is to protect the people, not run their lives” ― Ronald Reagan