The Republicans of the 28th District of Arizona

Current Events

The LD28 September meeting held on Tuesday, September 19 at the Arizona State Capitol in the House Chambers was an informative session and was well received by those in attendance.  Look for the minutes from the meeting to be posted soon.
Arizona Speaker of the House JD Mesnard was the featured speaker, along with Representative Maria Syms and Senator Kate Brophy-McGee. We were given a behind the scenes tour of the House building and a committee hearing enactment.

As you are likely aware, a Constitutional Convention gathering took place at the Arizona State Capitol this past week, and Speaker Mesnard provided an interesting overview regarding the outcome of that gathering and what it means.

We are continuing to gather books for the 19North Librarian’s book list.  We will be collecting books at each meeting.  The list is comprised of books requested by the librarians of the five schools in the district.  The list now shows the requests by school.
The list has been updated to show the books that have already been donated. There were a number of book series or collections that were requested.  The list now shows which books within the series have been donated.  This is the link: 19North-Library-Wish-List

19 North is the cooperative helping a disadvantaged area at the furthest western boundary of legislative district 28 along 19th Avenue.

LD 28 Executive Team

Kathy Petsas, Chairman; Lisa Hoberg, 1st Vice Chairman; Michael Francis, 2nd Vice Chairman; Lynn Hopkins, Corresponding Secretary; Emily Anne Gullickson, Recording Secretary and Cory Mishkin, Treasurer

AZGOP Bylaws

You may have heard, Kathy Petsas was appointed by the State Party Chairman Jonathan Lines to Chair the AZGOP Bylaws Committee. The committee is comprised of representatives from each legislative district and county.  The purpose of the committee is to bring up to date our State Bylaws with the state statute and clarify any ambiguities and inconsistencies in the Bylaws. If you have a suggested amendment to the AZGOP Bylaws  – please fill out the BYLAW AMENDMENT FORM. We will consider and vet all suggestions sent to us. The remaining State Bylaw Committee meetings are September 30, and November 4.

Don’t forget to show your pride and support of LD28 by ordering your LD28 lapel pin! The cost is $28. The funds will go toward meeting expenses, special events, and general election support for the district. The pins will be available at the monthly meeting.

No one group in this country is better than another. No one race, or religion, or sex, or color is better than another. And no region is better or worse than another. It is time we erased the last vestiges of intolerance, bigotry, and unkindness from our hearts. Decency demands this and so does our history. President Ronald Reagan, Chicago, Illinois, September 5, 1984