The Republicans of the 28th District of Arizona

Current Events

Please consider attending these opportunities below to be engaged and enlightened.

  • Saturday, June 16 –9 AM, Join AZGOP National Day of Action at State headquarters. Learn tools of the trade to get out the vote and put them to use! RSVP to:


  • Tuesday, June 19 at 6 PM – Join Phoenix City Councilman Jim Waring and Supervisor Bill Gates discuss city and county issues at Paradise Valley Community Center 17402 North 49th Street – See Map 


  • July 4th – LD28 Parades and voter registration – Please reply to LD28RSVP if you can participate in one of two LD28 community parades in the neighborhoods of Arcadia or Royal Palm Park. Both parades will begin at 7 AM and run until 9 AM.


Today, and all days, be patriotic and proud,


LD28 Executive Team

LD28 Republican meetings are open to precinct committeemen of the district and elected and appointed Republican officers.

For proper planning for meetings, please reply to LD28RSVP and provide any questions that you wish to be asked of the candidate groups.  There will be a question and answer period for each candidate group after they each have made their presentation.

If you are a new PC and possibly not yet on the sign-in sheet, please bring your LD28 voter registration card along with your state photo ID as part of your identification for entrance to the meeting.

Thank you

LD28 Executive Team
Kathy Petsas, Chairman
Lisa Hoberg, First Vice Chairman
Michael Francis, Second Vice Chairman
Lynn Hopkins, Corresponding Secretary
Emily Anne Gullickson, Recording Secretary
Cory Mishkin, Treasurer

AZGOP Announcement:
There are a number of opportunities for full-time, paid positions as field organizers with the AZGOP.  These positions are responsible for grassroots organizing within a single legislative district and are full-time through the general election.  PCs are encouraged to apply.  It may be possible for those who are hired to be assigned to their own LD.  Interested PCs can email their resume to the e-mails listed below.

LD28 Information Sources

The LD28 PC Quotas by Precinct for 2018 are available.

View of map of LD28 here

View of map of your precinct here

To verify your precinct click here

Save the dates for July 4th activities, and Tuesday, August 14th for a future candidate forum & meeting for LD28.

Don’t forget to show your pride and support of LD28 by ordering your LD28 lapel pin! The cost is $28. The funds will go toward meeting expenses, special events, and general election support for the district. The pins will be available at the monthly meeting.

“The best minds are not in government. If any were, business would steal them away.” ― Ronald Reagan