Elected Officers – County and State

Maricopa County Officers

Chairman – Rae Chornenky

First Vice Chairman – Sheila Muehling

Second Vice Chairman – Nancy Cottle

Secretary – Colleen Lombard

Treasurer – Michael Deiana

Members at Large

Tristan Manos

Johnny Melton

Joe Neglia

Janell Soyster Buchholdt

Monica Yelin

GOP State Officers

Chairman – Kelli Ward

First Vice Chairman – Parralee Schneider

Second Vice Chairman – Cindy Coleman

Secretary – Cynthia Love

Treasurer – Robert Lettieri.

Sergeant at Arms – Alberto Gutier

Three members elected at-large to serve on the state party’s executive committee for the congressional districts within LD-28

Liz Alcorn
Jose Borrajero
Ren Ramsey

Raphael Ahmed
Jeff Fleetham
Lorraine Pellegrino